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iOS Apps


Enhanced Ears Hearing Aid App

Enhanced Ears makes your iPhone function like a hearing aid. Enhanced Ears compensates for mild to moderate hearing loss, allowing you to hear better in every day situations.


Serene Ears

Serene Ears provides soothing sounds that alleviate the pain of tinnitus. Choose from 12 sounds to mask your tinnitus to help take control and put your mind at ease.



Offwhite is a white noise generator with a twist: high or low frequencies can be boosted or removed. This is ideal for those who benefit from white noise but need some adjustment.


Nix Tinnitus Player

Nix Tinnitus Player addresses tinnitus by allowing you to play your favorite music with the benefit of the tinnitus sounds removed. It functions as a music player that may help alleviate tinnitus if used daily.


Nix Tinnitus Amp

Nix Tinnitus Amp functions as a low cost hearing aid alternative that addresses tinnitus in two ways: it can play white noise in the background to mask tinnitus, and it can actively filter the frequency of your tinnitus.